Zero Ambitions Partners (ZAP) has signed a letter of intent to join the Buildings Action Coalition (BAC) in partnership with the Enniscorthy Forum, other coalition members, and the United Nations Environment Programme’s Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction to support and advance the principles of high performance in buildings and the built environment. Jeff Colley, co-founder of ZAP, and Barbara-Anne Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of the Enniscorthy Forum, signed the letter of intent in a signing ceremony organized at the Enniscorthy Castle on the occasion of the first ministerial summit of the Enniscorthy Forum.
Jeff Colley noted “We at Zero Ambitions Partners recognize the potential for the Buildings Action Coalition to make a major contribution to raising the performance of the world’s building and the built environment. They have a strong engagement with the United Nations but are focused on the sorts of grass-roots organisations that can make a real difference. The memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Environment Programme will unleash a powerful programme of projects and activities that will deliver tangible results at global scale quickly. Given what we are witnessing with a changing climate, the highly accelerated tempo driven by the BAC is now an imperative. We are pleased to join forces with the BAC to offer our help in raising awareness, recruiting into the coalition, setting priorities for strategic communications, and assembling needed resources.”
Barbara-Anne Murphy observed that “We look forward to welcoming Zero Ambitions Partners to the Buildings Action Coalition. They are extremely effective at outreach and information sharing, which is precisely the kind of support this initiative needs now.  We have a significant programme underway including outreach, research, academic studies, construction projects, and education and training schemes. We also plan to mobilise resources and disseminate knowledge, experience and best practices to transition towards high performance building. Given their competence in strategic communications, ZAP will have important role to play in this initiative.”
ZAP is demand reduction consultancy that, in parallel, runs a regular podcast covering the spectrum of developments, projects and activities in the building industries.