Workshop at the Buildings + Climate Global Forum March 5th

05 March 2024

Ahead of the Buildings + Climate Global Forum, this workshop brings together officials and staff from both national and local governments, policy experts and advocates, and leading building practitioners for an engaging session on the reconstruction of Ukraine as an example of supporting communities that have been destroyed by conflict or natural disasters.

The tragedy of destructive conflict or natural disasters sets the stage and hence opportunity to rebuild affected areas to a new standard of performance. It is unfortunate that examples of such “opportunities” abound around the world. Ukraine is one such opportunity for reconstruction over the near and long term. Design and deployment of high performance buildings that are truly sustainable and that support a just transition away from fossil energy will enable the country to rebound from the war with buildings that deliver on a broad spectrum of quality of life measures including, notably, health, comfort, resilience, affordability, security, and the like. Enniscorthy Forum is launching an initiative to support Ukraine and other conflict zones in leveraging the opportunity they confront – first with workforce training, but followed on quickly with in-the-field, fully-resourced projects with support from the EU and the North Atlantic community and in collaboration with local communities. This session will explore various approaches and frame the discussion around commitments and action plans.

As part of the shift in the building community of Ukraine, a deep and enduring transition to high performance buildings will require a shift in the culture of the building industries that drives innovation, action, and change with the requisite knowledge and skills. Such transformation can be achieved only through activation, training, and education from youth through advanced professionals. The session will bring together leaders from multiple social, business, and educational sectors to describe the tangible commitments, milestones and action steps needed to support attainment of the Building Breakthrough Target in Ukraine.

The technical challenge of building performance transformation is vast and focused not only on individual buildings, but how buildings leverage one another and community systems, especially the electricity system, that form the infrastructural ecosystem within which buildings deliver needed services efficiently to their occupants. The transformation of the energy system of Ukraine likely will involve a reorientation to and integration with the electrical grid of western Europe, deployment of distributed and intermittent generation, and reconstitution as a smoothly operating national grid. Elements of the holistic equation include residential, commercial and industrial buildings, green power generation, distribution and load management, explosion of data and data centers with district energy potential from recovered heat, and links to water, waste water, transportation, and other essential community services and activities.

The session will set the stage for Enniscorthy Forum’s Ukraine reconstruction task force to outline actions in multiple sectors and milestones in education, tangible projects, and building-infrastructure interdependence to enable a rapid and sustainable recovery from the tragedy of war.


Rebuilding disaster zones to high standards of performance


Enniscorthy Forum


Tuesday, March 5, 2024, from 13h00-18h00


La Grande Arche de La Defense (Metro and RER La Défense)
Register (preregistration is required as the venue is in the offices of the French government)

Tentative programme (subject to change)

Rebuilding disaster zones to high standards of performance

13h00– 13h15:  Registration

13h15-13h30  Welcome and introduction to the day

13h30 – 14h30  State of Play in Ukraine

  •  Condition of built environment in Ukraine both pre-2014 and
  • Challenges facing Ukraine for reconstruction post-war to achieve
    sustainability in a Ukrainian context

14h30 – 15h30  Principles for Reconstruction and Project Proposal

  • Shared Principles for the reconstruction of Ukraine
  •  Just Transition
  • Delivery on security, affordability, development, energy efficiency, carbon efficiency, resilience (economic, social, and environmental), health, comfort, water management, food, waste, social justice, etc.

15h30–16h00 Coffee Break

16h00-17h00  Shifting the Culture of the Building Industry of Ukraine

  • Approaches to activation, training, and education

17h-18h00 Systemic, holistic reconstruction

  • Building/Grid coordination
  •  National cohesion
  •  Synchronisation with continental European grid

 18h00 Close