Enniscorthy Forum

Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda

Welcome by Chief Executive Officer

Barbara-Anne Murphy
Chief Executive Officer
Enniscorthy International Forum

The Enniscorthy International Forum exists for a single purpose – to support the United Nations sustainable development agenda. We hope that your visiting our site indicates that you too are interested that the UN mission on sustainable development succeeds, and we look forward to building on that alignment.

Sustainable development is the great challenge of our time. Development has been the centerpiece of the modern world and the defining goal of the United Nations. But despite vast progress since the terrible ensemble of the First World War, the Great Depression, and the Second World War – thirty years of global devastation – humankind finds itself falling dangerously short of the vision that inspired the UN.

The United Nations has responded with a comprehensive vision, a vision once implicit – of a world enduringly at peace, prosperous, and just – that is today more fully articulated in the UN 2030 Agenda and the Secretary-General’s Report, Our Common Agenda.

Reimagining that vision became imperative for two reasons: development was spreading far too slowly and unevenly, and the technology that made development possible threatens destruction of the natural environment that is necessary for life.

The Enniscorthy International Forum supports the reimagined vision. 

We owe special appreciation to those who have shown confidence in us and our mission of building deep and purposeful in-the-field partnerships and collaborations – to leaders at UN Headquarters, the UN Office in Geneva, the UN Environment Programme, and the individuals and institutions that have made such important contributions to our development. We owe special appreciation, as well, to the Government of Ireland, whose officials have provided invaluable support and guidance, and to the country of Ireland, which is positioned to make a great contribution to the global dialogue on sustainable peace, prosperity, and justice. We are committed to expanding our circle of colleagues in that cause and their collective impact.