The Enniscorthy Forum signs letters of intent with prospective International Centres of Excellence for High Performance Buildings

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

22 September 2022


As part of its Sustainable Buildings Action Project, The Enniscorthy Forum has signed letters of intent to establish international centres of excellence on high performance buildings with Onion Flats, River Clyde Homes, Association of Environmental Conscious Building, Passive House Network, and Passive House Pennsylvania. The Enniscorthy Forum is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in Enniscorthy, Ireland under the auspices of the Enniscorthy Chamber of Commerce with the encouragement of the Irish Government to advance the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to host a Sustainable Buildings Action Project.


Onion Flats is an architecture firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a passion for cost-effective, climate-resilient, healthy buildings and communities. Tim McDonald, President and CEO of Onion Flats, was pleased to sign the letter of intent: “Joining the network of centres of excellence will allow us to share our approaches to delivering the buildings of tomorrow and to improve our activities by learning how others are getting results.


The CEO of the Enniscorthy Forum, Ms. Barbara-Anne Murphy, said “We are pleased to welcome the new centres to the network of centres of excellence that are advancing the science and the performance of buildings. In order to deliver real results at scale and quickly, we need to expand the network rapidly and to disseminate best practices effectively.”


The centres of excellence in the network coordinated by the Enniscorthy Forum’s Sustainable Buildings Action Project provide implementation-oriented education and assistance to building developers, contractors, architects, and engineers, as well as regulatory and planning officials. They provide community-centric knowledge development and sharing, connecting with resources and accelerating uptake of high-performance buildings.


The activities and projects of centres of excellence include:

  • Convening dialogue among local and international industry leaders to identify challenges, share best practices and build a growing and diverse community of practice;
  • Gathering and disseminating knowledge directly, and through partner organisations, including education and training, exhibits, case studies, research, demonstration projects, and the production of industry focused print and on-line resources;
  • Catalyzing design and construction industry tools and training development, and identify potential barriers to adoption and implementation; and
  • Fostering public demand and support for best practices through recognition and awards, open houses and tours, communication and marketing campaigns, public events, and demonstration projects.
  • The centres of excellence will be natural poles for providing both certification and certification training.


For further information please contact:

Mr. Robert Cavey

Senior Advisor

The Enniscorthy Forum

[email protected]