Passive House for Everyone! has signed a letter of intent to join the Buildings Action Coalition (BAC) in partnership with the Enniscorthy Forum, other coalition members, and the United Nations Environment Programme’s Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction to support and advance the principles of high performance in buildings and the built environment.  In Cho, co-founder of Passive House for Everyone!, and Barbara-Anne Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of the Enniscorthy Forum, signed the letter of intent in a signing ceremony organized at the Enniscorthy Castle on the occasion of the first ministerial summit of the Enniscorthy Forum.
In Cho noted “Passive House for Everyone! comprises a team of architects and educators who are passionate about addressing adverse environmental conditions for a trans-generational future.  The memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Environment Programme that has just been signed is unleashing a powerful programme of projects and activities to deliver tangible results at global scale quickly. Notably, the programme involves strong emphasis on education at all levels, which is what our organisation is all about.  We are pleased to join forces with the BAC to offer our help in spreading educational tools and training approaches at all those levels across the globe.”
Barbara-Anne Murphy observed that “We look forward to welcoming Passive House for Everyone! to the Buildings Action Coalition. They are extremely effective at reaching out to youth for information sharing, awareness raising, and mobilisation. The BAC programme involves outreach, education, and training schemes. We plan to mobilise resources and disseminate knowledge, experience and best practices to transition towards high performance building. Given their passion and proven trac record in youth training, Passive House for Everyone! will have important role to play in this initiative.”
Passive House for Everyone! works to empower youth for climate action through the creative arts exploring Passive House Building Science. Passive House for Everyone! was founded to work towards fortifying public policies and empowering current and future generations through education arts at all levels, as well as promoting public awareness. By strengthening youth’s knowledge and skills in sustainability, they can actively contribute in better serving social and environmental justice.