Metrics of Success

2024 Buildings Action Coalition Summit

8 – 10 April 2024

The Riverside Hotel, Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland

The Enniscorthy Forum’s 2024 Buildings Action Coalition Summit gathers partners and stakeholders from across the world to explore Metrics of Success: Securing Real Progress Toward Sustainability in Buildings. This second summit of the BAC will explore the milestones and performance standards by which the BAC community can “move the needle” worldwide on carbon emissions, environmental impact, quality of life, and social and environmental justice. The result will be identification of the most effective actions that the BAC community can take in the coming years.

The Summit advances the agenda of the Buildings + Climate Global Forum led by France and the UN Environment Programme in March 2024 in Paris to support the Buildings Breakthrough Target:

Collaborative Cities & Community Design
Brussels &Washington DC
Glasgow & Pittsburgh
Integrated Buildings & District Systems
Data & Data Centres

Innovative Communities
Massachusetts, Paris, New York
Creating Pathways to a New Workforce and a Culture of Innovation
A Role for Global Youth Communities
Strategies for Performance Assurance

Deepening the Global South Dialogue
South – South, South – North, and North – South
Creating a Global Strategy that is Locally Relevant

Global Buildings in a Geopolitical Context
Rebuilding Ukraine
Global Tensions & Global Consensus

Towards a UN Protocol on High Performance Buildings
Structure and Procedures
Membership and Deadlines
State of Play

With the Building Breakthrough Target as a beacon, COP28 as a status report, and quality of life uneven around the world, the vast gap between goal and accomplishment on sustainable buildings could not be more apparent. We know the ultimate consequences. What should be the focus of the BAC’s work, and what are the right metrics of progress?

The 2024 BAC Summit will advance efforts of the BAC community to set goals for themselves and for the Coalition — to define what should be done and how it will drive building decarbonization and meaningful improvement in the quality of life.


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