Buildings Action Coalition


The Buildings Action Coalition was launched at the Clean Energy Ministerial and Clean Energy Action Forum held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in September 2022.  The coalition was and is conceived as a global collaboration among stakeholders in buildings and the built environment to accelerate attainment of the Buildings Breakthrough Target that is advanced under the Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda from COP26.

The Enniscorthy Forum worked with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and its Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) to run an event at the Clean Energy Ministerial entitled: Towards a Buildings Breakthrough: Raising the Performance of the Built Environment. The event highlighted the importance of the built environment for energy performance, climate action, and quality of life. It called for real action on the ground involving close collaboration among the actors in all sectors involved in the built environment. It called for acceleration of the transition at global scale through deployment of ambitious national strategies and policies to improve building performance. The event showcased the planned Buildings Breakthrough target and building performance as key to attaining the target.

The Enniscorthy Forum organized a series of workshops in parallel to the main CEM event focused on a range of projects and activities needed to support UNEP, its GlobalABC, and attainment of the objectives of the Buildings Breakthrough Target. Participants in the workshops represented the networks of partners the Enniscorthy Forum has developed, including community-centric professional organisations, financial institutions, industry, academia, civil society, local and national governments, and intergovernmental organisations. The partners collectively called for the launch of the Buildings Action Coalition, a step taken by the Enniscorthy Forum in partnership with UNEP.

Membership Critiria 

Membership Criteria and Terms of Reference Thought Leadership Group

Membership Criteria and Terms of Reference Communications Group

Membership Criteria and Terms of Reference Academia

Membership Criteria and Terms of Reference Industry Leadership Group

Membership Criteria and Terms of Reference Action Hubs

Membership Criteria and Terms of Reference Preamble

BAC Learning

BAC Learning Webinar 13th March 2024

BAC Learning Webinar 8th May 2024

BAC Learning Webinar 13th March 2024

BAC Learning Webinar 14th February 2024

Webinar 11th of January 2024

Webinar 13th of December 2023

Webinar 8th of November 2023

Webinar 13th of September 2023

Webinar 14th of June 2023

The BE-ST approach, Our mission to accelerate the Built Environment’s journey to net zero.

Webinar 10th of May 2023

Naoimi Beal, passivhousMAINE presentation Rural Retrofit with Q&A with Scott Foster

Webinar 12th of April 2023

Presentation by Tomás O’Leary, Mosart, followed by Q&A with Scott Foster

Webinar 8th of March 2023

Richard Yancey, Buildings Energy Exchange, New York in conversation with Scott Foster

Survey of  2023 Projects

Examples of Modern High Performance Buildings

Our values are

  •  Commitment to carbon-free global progress in securing quality of life
  •  Respect and support for partners and their work
  • Collaboration and alignment to deliver measurably transformative results

Our culture is built on

  • Urgency
  •  Inclusion
  •  Service
  •  Collaboration
  •  Investment in our partners
  •  Relevance to local contexts

Our Approach is to

  • Develop deep, purposeful, in-the-field partnerships
  • Focus on projects with tangible and scalable impact
  • Catalyze capacity through knowledge sharing
  •  Discover, enlist, and deploy resources to support our partners
  •  Communicate achievement Support initiatives

Our Projects are

Our Projects are developed in collaboration with and among our partners to create an ecosystem of initiatives driving globally relevant change urgently. Project development, review, improvement, communication and reinvestment are continuous.