The Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) has signed a letter of intent to join the Buildings Action Coalition (BAC) in partnership with the Enniscorthy Forum, other coalition members, and the United Nations Environment Programme’s Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction to support and advance the principles of high performance in buildings and the built environment. Andy Simmonds, Chief Executive Officer of AECB, and Barbara-Anne Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of the Enniscorthy Forum, signed the letter of intent in a signing ceremony organized at the Enniscorthy Castle on the occasion of the first ministerial summit of the Enniscorthy Forum.
Andy Simmonds noted “AECB has been working to disseminate sustainable building practices for many years. The memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Environment Programme that has just been signed focuses on specific projects and programs that will deliver tangible results quickly. We are pleased to join forces with the BAC both to offer our extensive experience and capabilities and to observe and learn from other experiences around the world.”
Barbara-Anne Murphy observed that “We welcome AECB to the Buildings Action Coalition. They have been leaders in this space with experience in many countries and cultures around the world.  We look forward to their participation in our activities. We have a significant programme underway including outreach, research, academic studies, construction projects, and education and training schemes. We also plan to mobilise resources and disseminate knowledge, experience and best practices to transition towards high performance building.  Given their long-standing focus on sustainable practices, AECB will have important role to play in this initiative.”
AECB promotes a world in which everyone in the building industry contributes positively to human and planetary health. AECB’s mission is to work with their members to inspire, develop and share sustainable building practices in order to deploy them widely.